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I love these because the high-quality denim feels substantial and wears well, and theyre skinny without being too tight. Putting on a sweater over oxford shirt , skinny Club Monaco jeans, กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง and white sneakers has become a uniform for work. Reid Myers, senior communications manager, InStyle Club Monaco Super Slim Vintage Denim$130, Club Monaco For thigh and quad comfort Jeans are notoriously difficult for me, mostly because my legs dont really fit into most jeans (I blame genetics). But, after years of searching, I happily settled down with a pair of Acnes. Theres stretch in them, so they give me a little bit of leeway when Im walking around the city, and dont feel constricting. The pair Ive got now are the Roc fit, which Ive had for almost two years, so theyre hard to come by at the moment, but the Town looks to be the latest evolution. John Jannuzzi, U.S. deputy, Twitter Moments Acne Town Jeans$280, Mr Porter For wearing with high tops I was a fancy-jeans guy for years and wore my Marc by Marc Jacobs black jeans forever. Then, right before a business trip, they ripped (my flight was that afternoon) so I rushed into Levis and found the 510s and have never looked back. Theyre comfortable from the moment you put them on, have the perfect amount of pocket space, are skinny but not skin-tight, and of course, theyre a great price.

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